Captain Charlie Jackson, and his brother Jacob command the Perseus, a second-generation repair ship. Having received orders to disrupt Obsidian commerce the ship and crew depart for the Strivo Corridor on a mission doomed to fail. Charlie's wife, Maddie, is furious at Charlie for accepting the mission, the ships the Perseus is traveling with are destroyed upon entry into the theater of operations and the Perseus is declared a renegade for refusing to activate their CBC. A device which allows Space Command to track their every move.

After entering the Strivo, the crew discovers a legendary ancient ship, the Zeus. They also learn a secret which allows them to achieve amazing results against the Obsidians.

As the rewards on the Perseus grow, the unwanted attention allows Maddie's, enemies, from her days as a spy, to learn her whereabouts. Now on the run, she desperately needs Charlie to return to save her.

After a major victory in the Strivo, the crew of the Perseus gains an unlikely ally; the crew of the Whisperer.

Learning of Maddie's dire situation, Charlie orders the crew of the Zeus to return to Earth to rescue her. After saving her from the Obsidians they now face two of the most powerful ships in the universe, the Suidae and the Sus Scrofa.

I Need a Hero
Book One
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I Need a Hero Series by RS Clamp