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The I NEED A HERO series is a low-fantasy action/adventure/romance novel about the Jackson family and the crew of the Zeus. The older brother commands a ship named the Perseus who Space Command sends to the other side of the universe to disrupt the commerce of the invading Obsidian's. Against overwhelming odds, he has to complete his mission, and figure out a way to rescue his wife and be her hero. 

I NEED A HERO is the first of three novels we have written using the same cast of characters. It has a rather diverse cast:

Crew of the Perseus/Zeus

Captain Charlie Jackson meets and bonds with a "legend of old." A battleship named the Zeus. Zeus is more than just a ship. It has a consciousness, and occasionally a sense of humor. Before Charlie can rescue Maddie, he and Zeus must become "in unison" with each other.

Maddie, the wife of Captain Jackson who has made enemies in every corner of the universe, who still struggles with the sense of abandonment she experienced as an orphan. In Book One, she has her hands full just trying to stay one step ahead of those who wish her dead.

Lt. Jacob Jackson, brother of the Captain, despite his engineering genius, has to grapple with the guilt of losing his fiancé in a car accident, while he was helpless to save her.  

Andrew Rushing, the young, still evolving prodigy helmsman whose father was killed in Space Commands worse ever defeat, leaving him to grow up on the rad along with his brother and cousins. Although too young to enlist, Andrew joins the crew after lying on his enlistment forms.

CPO Megan Marie, aka M&M, bridge director

Lt. Pashcal, engineering

Roland Rushing, brother of Andrew, knows every moving part of a battleship.

Jake Rushing, cousin to Andrew, a second-generation computer hacker. 

Olivia Oglesby, sister to Jake.

Richard Oglesby, brother to Jake who soon fits in better with the SWAL units than he does his own family.

Thomas Lappilus - Captain's steward

Dan Sonefeld - culinary extraordinaire 

SWAL Tean One, commanded by Peck

Team Member Dusty Benson

SWAL Team Two, commanded by Shealy

CPO Stuyck, helmsman of the Perseus

CPO Evans, chemist and rotary cannon gunner

Crew of the Prometheus

Lt. Commander Patty Jackson, also the mother of Charlie and Jacob

Crew of the Fortuna

Admiral Bill Halsey

Crew of the Tyche

"The Scottish Terror" Admiral Mitchell

Exo, Commander Cousins 



Admiral of the Fleet Cotterill

Crew of the Whisperer. A stealthy research ship from the Recondite Galaxy.

Captain Brady Scanlin of the Whisperer was born to be jovial and carefree. Duty requires that he do things which often cause his soft heart pain, threatening to plunge him into depression. 

Venery Elliott, pilot of the Whisperer.

Mike Hennigan- back-up pilot, culinary extraordinaire. 

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