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None of the I NEED A HERO  series would be possible without the editing and contributions of Sallie Shealy Clamp, and tireless editing by Fair Cousins. 

A special thank you to Sallie for saving me from my nemesis, the lowly comma and semi-colon. Not to mention for her fantastic editorial improvements.

A special thank you also goes to Fair Cousins, aka the eliminator of fluff!

After completing Book One, a literary agent suggested asking friends to read the book and share their opinions so we could decide what was working and what wasn't. That was when Ron realized he didn't have that many friends that actually read!

A special thanks to our readers who have helped direct the narrative; Fair Cousins, Chris Rakestraw, Bret Bookhout, and Kelly Bullard. 

​Ron and Sallie Clamp, carve stone by day and debate where the Zeus will take Charlie and Jacob next by night. Ron and Sallie are the owners of Memorial Design in West Columbia, SC. Memorial Design has carved stone in forty-nine states and nine countries.

I Need a Hero Series by RS Clamp